The business climate in Zambia is improving in impressive ways and we are experiencing new developments on a daily basis. The country is showing high and sustainable growth figures and reduced costs of doing business. New and existing business ventures are in for a huge potential in the medium and long term. Lusaka is a natural center for expansion into the surrounding markets, the total of which covers an emerging market with an excess of 170,000,000 people.

To facilitate investment in the region, an international investment conference – ZIIC 2013 – will take place in Lusaka in March 2013. Focus of ZIIC 2013 will be telecommunications, agriculture, construction, renewable energy, health, education and tourism.

Zambia is generally perceived as a peaceful, safe and stable country, despite turbulence occurring in the region at large. At present, annual economic growth is around 6.5 per cent and is expected to remain or even increase in coming years. Zambia is a potential regional economic powerhouse and has borders with no fewer than eight countries. The safe city of Lusaka is a natural place for regional headquarters with a number of international airlines moving to use Lusaka a regional hub for flights into the sub-continent from the US and Europe. High digit growth and expansion of markets within the next decades will require investment in infrastructure in both a narrow and a wider sense.

The objective of the conference is to bring together high profile investors and corporate and public decision makers to a two-day conference in Lusaka, building on Zambia’s place as a global destination for investment in the region. Thematic presentations and discussion themes will be chosen by crowdsourcing focus topics from the potential participants of ZIIC 2013.

The core team behind ZIIC 2013 are Gustaf Engstrand, GOE Consulting, local business consultant, and Dave Vosburg, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TopFloor, a process-improvement consulting and training company. By background, Gustaf is a corporate/M&A lawyer and member of management teams in European business. Dave holds an MBA from Yale, is also a founding director of Regus Zambia and Treasurer of the American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia.

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